Enjoy a really good hotel breakfast at Hotel Älgen
We are aware that breakfast is important to you as a guest guest. Therefore, we serve both scramled eggs, bacon, and pancakes, but also a classic Swedish breakfast with fresh fruit and a wide variety of toppings.
Breakfast is served
Mon-Fri 06.30-09.30
Sat-Sun 07.30-10.30

At special cost, please contact us when booking and we will solve it in the best possible way.

Boka rum

Room 1

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Din åsikt

Din åsikt är mycket viktig för oss

Enkäten tar 5-7 minuter

Best Western Rewards-medlemmar får 250 poäng som tack för hjälpen

Contact us and we will help you become a Best Western rewards member so you can start getting points for your stay at any BW hotel i the world.
Hotel Älgen
Storgatan 61
831 33 Östersund
Tel: +4663-51 75 25
Fax: +4663-13 80 65
To visit:
Jamtli Historieland
Boda Borg Östersund
Ask us in the reception and we will help you find the best alternative for you.
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